Reflections and Preparations

It has been a couple of months now since we have made the decision to go back to Togo and a lot has happened.


The biggest event has been the passing of a colleague, Todd Dekryer, from Lassa Fever, a less-deadly, but still deadly cousin to Ebola. Nothing more shakes resolve than personal loss and or something that becomes personal. We and/or our children could die in Togo! Talk about some sobering thoughts.

Arrogance and pride are strong motivating factors.  However, when you get shaken, pride and arrogance seem to loose there hold and are replaced by questions of purpose and meaning.  Purpose and meaning have sense only in the presence of something bigger than ourselves. For us this in Jesus Christ. Our purpose and meaning is to glorify Him, to provide an example of an “alternative” way to live, and to tell others through our actions and words that they are loved and prayed for.

We have been on the outside of the events that passed at the Hospital of Hope in Mango Togo but have been deeply shaken by the events. We are saddened by the loss, hurt for our colleagues who are going through this experience and resolved to continue along our path to join them in Togo.


The preparation to go to Togo continues.

Under the title of tasks completed, we have renewed our US passports and have registered for language school in Albertville, France. We are in the process of confirming whether or not we need VISA’s as Fred and Noah hold Swiss passports.

Under tasks to be done, we are hoping to touch base with all our financial supporters over the next two months (April and May), to re-confirm their support and the timing of the support. We have to have all our support in and/or started by the end of May to ensure clearance from ABWE in time to start language school in September 2016. From there we have to get our immunization up to date and confirm airline tickets.

Under other tasks, Lydia has been busy studying for her medical re-certification exam ( May 7th -written exam and May 14th practical exam). Fred has been busy maintaining the house hold (cooking, being the “fix-it” man, a lot of yard work, assisting in the renovations of the church kitchen, volunteering at MAG church every Monday afternoon, driving Noah to daycare, filing taxes, and completing the first bible course).  If he ever trivialized the role of a home-maker, he says he was truly mistaken!

Other Stuff

But life has not been without “fun”.

Noah and Nathanael both had birthdays in March. Noah is now 4 years old and Nathanael 1 year old. We celebrated their birthdays on March 19th with a small party that included friends locally and from Indianapolis and Grandma and Grandpa Childress.

DSC09695On March 13th we participated in a Missions Conference at Gibson City Bible Church in Gibson IL. We had a great time in fellowship with the church family, two other missionary couples and the Banner family. There is one thing we often note and that is the love, support and encouragement we have received from people. Thank you very much!

God Bless

Fred, Lydia, Noah and Nathanael

PS  Do not forget to look at our picture page, prayer page and financial page.

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