We are well!


Nathanael continues to be a blessing!  We love his laugh and his desire to play all the time.  He is small (in height) for his age, and is still working on words, but is otherwise all boy!  He understand when we speak to him and does not like the word “No” (imagine that!)  We are getting ready to celebrate his 2nd birthday on March 19th.


Recently during a school vacation Fred got to take Noah skiing.  The above video is of Noah skiing on only his second day! Unlike Nathanael, Noah is tall for his age but is also all boy!  He enjoys his bike and scooter and time in handball and skiing.  We are getting ready to celebrate his 5th birthday on March 26th.

Fred and Lydia

French studies are tough, but going well.  We have our second set of exams from March 27th – 31st (would much appreciate your prayers!).  Currently we are on a 2 week break and have enjoyed the down time, catching up on tasks, and making a few day trips.  Presently we are 5 months pregnant (expecting a girl!) and have decided to extend our stay in France until after the baby is born on July 3rd.  During this time, we will continue our French language studies.

Hospital Baptist Biblique

Please continue to pray for the hospital.  A lot is  happening.  The hospital is not only continuing to work on a vision plan for the next 30 years (which has been approved by the ABWE board), but is also having some frank and very important conversations about work load and purpose.  From the summary emails we have received we have been encouraged at the depth of conversation and the indirect recognition given to all the missionaries in the Togo field for the amount of work being done.  The goal of the conversation is how to establish a sustainable work life ministry for the missionaries and their families.

Project Summary:

Project #1:  Pet CARTS –> 21 carts have been received at the hospital and a few have already been distributed.  We recently saw a photo of a patient accepting a cart as a gift.

Project #2:  HBB Midwife Training Program –> a proposal has been submitted and the reviews have been positive.  We are waiting a final decision from the hospital.

Project #3:  Cervical Cancer Screening –> communication is in progress with the supplier.  We are awaiting equipment and supply costs.

Project #4: Exercise Equipment –> research is in progress.

Project #5:  Books for Togo –> this is a new project.  Recently we were asked by some missionaries in Togo to approach a local school to see if they would have French school books to donate to Togo for the Christian school system.  We have a meeting set up for the month of March.  Please pray for fruitful discussions.

God Bless

Fred, Lydia, Noah, Nathanael and girl 🙂

PS  Please also see our updated prayer requests, pictures and financial pages.

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