Books for Togo – Project Liv-E


How projects get started always amazes me.  This project got started under the following situation:

  • Doctor H contacted us in Jan 2017 while we were in France and asked if we could check to see if the local schools in France have some textbooks,  (ABWE has around 15 Christians schools in Togo that education 3000 plus students.  The schools has a library it recently started but are in need of more books.)
  • We contacted two local schools and came to understand that they do have textbooks that they change out and are looking for a place to send them.
  • A missionary Teacher working within the Christian school in Togo, Miss S, became involved in the project, taking on the role of project leader,
  • We were contacted by a local Christian, Mr W.  Over the past 6 years he had come to know a few ABWE missionaries at the language school who had gone to Togo.  His heart had grown for Togo and he is hoping to lead a group to visit Togo in the near future.
  • We discussed not only his plans, but the Book project.  He felt he could champion this project.
  • Since that meeting we have put together information for a letter of introduction, a list of local school, found a staging area for putting together a pallet of books and have an estimate of shipping cost per pallet.

Now as we are leaving France and going to Togo, a team of local Christians exists that will follow up on collecting books for Togo.

Financial Cost

  • Estimated cost are $1200.00 to $1500.00 USD per pallet (4 feet by 6 feet by 6 feet high)

If you are interested in donating money for this project, please contact us and we will forward you contact information.