Financial Support



 $5500.00 a month for 30 months  (Fall  2016 to Spring 2019)  This averages 220 people at $25.00 a month, we appreciate any amount you would feel led to give whether it is a one-time or monthly contribution.


We have multiple projects that we will be proposing / supporting.  If you wish to direct a donation to a project, please advise and we will ensure that it is used as such.  If nothing is said, the money will be put into our personal account and any extra money from our personal account will be used for projects.

Money given to a project will be used for a specific project.  If there is extra money left from a project, it will be rolled over to the next project in need.  If all projects are paid for, the money will be held for future projects and or used to pay patient bills.

Projects we are proposing / supporting –> Mobility Carts (estimated cost 4000 USD), Skilled Birthing Attendant Training Program (estimated cost 11,180 USD), Cervical Cancer Screening (estimated cost 20,000 USD), Compound Exercise Equipment (estimated cost 8000), Books for Togo (estimated cost ??).   For details on a specific project see specific project under support tab.


Personal Support

–> 100 % plus of support (as of June 2017)

Due to unforeseen circumstances and financial hardship, there is a change that come Jan 2018 we will be losing some of our monthly support and at that time we will be looking for additional support.

Project Support

Mobility Carts –> in progress, 55% support

Skilled Birthing Attendant Training program –> proposal made, promises of support if approved 15%

Cervical Cancer Screening –> proposal in progress, 0% support

Compound Exercise Equipment –> proposal to be done after cervical cancer screening, 0% support

Books for Togo –> working with C.S (Missionary in Togo) and church in France, cost unknown


  • monthly health insurance
  • language study
  • rent
  • flights to and from the field
  • self-employment taxes
  • home office support
  • individual ministry
  • continuing medical education / medical licenses
  • miscellaneous – immunizations, field projects and administration, vacation pay, etc.
  • monthly salary


For AMERICANS (All donations will receive a TAX RECEIPT.)

  • If you are wanting to start GIVING MONTHLY and/or want to give a ONE TIME DONATION –> Contact ABWE USA. (See below.)

For CANADIANS (All donations will receive a TAX RECEIPT.)

  • ONE TIME DONATIONS and MONTHLY DONATIONS can be done through ABWE Canada.  (See below.)


ABWE USA –> Account #019182

Mail: ABWE Donor Service, PO Box 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585

Phone: 1-800-901-2293

Online: (look at the left hand column)

Check –> make it out to “ABWE” and in the memo line write account #  and missionary name

ABWE Canada –> Account #019182

Mail: ABWE Canada, 34-980 Adelaide Street South, London, Ontario, N6E 1R3

Phone: 1-519-690-1009

Online: (once you ender name / account number and amount, an option for Canadian donor will appear)

Check –> make it out to “ABWE” and in the memo line write account #  and missionary name

Please note: with ABWE Canada you can give by credit card (with a fee), by mail (no fee) or by monthly bank withdraws (no fee). PREFERENCE IS BY MAIL AND OR MONTHLY BANK WITHDRAWL AS IT REDUCES FEES AND MAXIMIZES WHAT WE RECEIVE.