Mobility Carts (PET Carts)

PET CARTS (Now call mobility Carts)

Disability is difficult in first world countries.  In third world countries it is even more so.  The lack of resources often means their mobility is restricted.

Mobility Carts (previously known as PET CARTS) are hand “cranked” wheel chairs. They are manufactured and distributed by Mobility Worldwide, a nonprofit organization located in the USA (

The purpose of the Mobility Carts is to provide the “gift of mobility & dignity” to those in developing countries who are unable to walk”. Since 1994, more than 50,000 wheelchair carts have been built by Mobility Worldwide and distributed throughout the world.

(Please note: Mobility Worldwide recently changed its name and logo and was formerly known as PET International: PET was an acronym for Personal Energy Transportation.)

In 2014, we received and distributed our first 5 Mobility carts. In follow up visits, we found that the carts were not only being well used, but very suitable for the terrain as they were durable.   In 2016, we have, through Mobility Worldwide, arranged and received an additional 21 carts in Togo.  These carts are presently being distributed.

Feedback from the users indicated a desire to have some kind of assist device, helping the users “pedal” their way around as the paths are rough and hilly requiring additional aid. This assist device would provide the user with more independence.

Project Goals

— initial goal:  –> t0 receive and distribute MOBILITY Carts to persons in need in Togo on a regular basis

— updated goal:  –> to champion an “assist device package” for the MOBILITY Carts (a proposal has been put together with the consent of Worldwide Mobility.  We are currently searching “engineering” students and or others to investigate the projects possibility.)

Financial Cost

Estimated project costs: 4000 USD (We believe at this time that the costs for shipping the 21 PET CARTS to Togo will be significantly less than the estimate)

Costs associated with this project and paid to date:

— first shipment of 5 PET Carts to Togo (2014) –> 1000.00 USD

— second shipment of 21 PET Carts to Togo (2016) –> 836.67 USD (289.91 USD was directly paid for by Dr. E),

Outstanding costs yet to be paid:

— we are still missing shipping container cost to Togo of the 21 PET Carts (we will find out in Oct 2017)

Mobility Cart Stories

For stories on the Mobility carts in Togo click here (stories of 3 recipients, blog dated August 2014), click here (2015 Spring Newsletter (summary of the 5 recipients) – the summary is halfway through the newsletter), click here (summary of 7 recipients Fall of 2017)