Prayer Support

Current Prayer Requests (Last updated March 1st)

    • Fred and Lydia -please pray that they will be able to learn French very well
      • UPDATE: We have been working at studying over our break -which has been nice.  Our next EXAMS March 27th -31st -would much appreciate your prayers again!!
    • Noah and Nathanael
      • Noah – is doing well in school and other activities
        • Prayer -that he would have a good finish to his school year and that he would begin to have a burden for being Christ to those around him.
      • Nathanael -is over all doing well.
        • Prayer -that he will grow physically and that his speech will develop and that he would begin to recognize God.
    • Down time” to have time together as a couple, family, and with other students there.
      • Christmas -we will be traveling to England to be with a supporter/friend
      • UPDATE: We had a blessed time in England and are enjoying our time together over this end-of-February break (thank you God!) –praying that our last bit of the break will finish well with family time and studying.
  • Family / Noah / Nathanael
    • that we will be able to manage work, family, and life, while keeping God first in our live -pray that the habits that we’ve set into place individually and as a family will “stick!”
    • PREGNANCY -currently 22 weeks along
      • Praying for healthy mom and baby and peace of mind and the ability to trust God no matter what in the remainder of the pregnancy
      • UPDATE: 18 week ultrasound looked very normal (thanking God!!) -we’re expecting a girl!! 🙂
  • Togo Prayer Requests
    • OB Services
      • HBB continues to struggle with OB coverage
        • UPDATE: current OB coverage is going well with the short-termers there now.  (Thank you God!)
        • The current OB, Dr. Shannon Potter is scheduled to leave in July -please be praying for wisdom for her and her family as they decide what their next step is going to be
        • Pray for wisdom of the hospital administration as they try and decide what is the best way to have providers for the service for the future
      • SBA Training program:
        • Pray: that God would give the HBB leadership team wisdom as they work through and consider this proposal
        • God would begin to work in just the right people’s hearts as to how they could support this ministry -either financially and/or in helping to teach/proctor and more.
    • PET Carts
        • 21 have arrived safely there in Togo!
      • God will give us and Pastor J wisdom as we look for who to give these carts to
      • For the recipients that God will work through the cart to mightily impact their lives and those around them -as they are already starting to be passed out!
    • Cervical Cancer Screen
      • Pray that God will move the situation so that we can talk to the people that we need to and get the information that we need to be able to proceed
    • Books for Togo
      • Pray for the meeting that we have in March with a local teacher here, that things will fall into place easily and that we will be able to get the books needed for the Christian local schools in Togo.
    • HBB Direction / Future plans
      • UPDATE:  Please pray as the hospital is also having some very important conversations about work load and purpose.  We’ve been encouraged at the depth of conversation.  The goal of the conversation is a sustainable work life ministry for the missionaries and their families.
      • UPDATE: ABWE and HBB have approved a vision plan for the hospital involving PAACS and development and expansion of the hospital -please pray for them as they work through the details and the much needed finances that this project will require and the impact that it will have on the hospital and its ministry.
    • HOH personal
      • Please continue to pray for the Dekryger family as Jennifer and the boys have now returned to Togo and seek to continue their ministry there in the north along with their life as a family without Todd.
        • UPDATE: Pray for the Dekryger family and HOH staff as they are coming on the 1 year anniversary of the death of Todd and the anniversary of the hospital -they are planning on having a service to remember Todd,  to remind of what God is continuing to do there, and what role God can play in their lives.
      • Please pray for the docs who are still there that they are able to keep boundaries despite the heavy needs and losses surrounding them and for the docs and their families who will be coming out that God will give them strength in the adjustment time and wisdom as they establish them and their family in the mission field there.
        • UPDATE: Please pray for the Nattier family (Surgeon) who will be finishing up their French studies in July and then moving directly to Mango after that.

Thank you so much for your prayers they really do make a difference!

Past Prayer Requests

  • UPDATE: there is a new OB, Dr. Shannon Potter, who will be coming out there with her family until June of 2017
    • Please pray for her (and family) adjustment to Togo and also that God will give her wisdom and blessing in her work and in her family life (boundaries, adjustments for kids, ministry for husband, etc).
    • UPDATE: Noah is starting to make friends at school and he is enjoying the handball -though still a definite language barrier challenge.Noah -that he will continue to adjust to the French kindergarten and be able to make friends, especially after the excitement and newness of it all is starting to wear off.
  • UPDATE: Nov 28th-Dec 2nd week of exams 
  • Each day will be a different type of exam (ex: oral, written grammar, listening comprehension, etc.)  -this will determine if we advance to the next class or need to retake the class.
  • UPDATE: We Passed our exams!!
    • We will be moving on and starting our new level class in January -would appreciate your continued prayer for our learning!

a comprehensive VISION for HBB is being developed.  Please pray for many more decision that have to be made and for the financial resources to come in to play as required.

HOH: UPDATE: The team recently loss another missionary -who was a short-term pharmacist and getting ready to come back to the US -please pray for her family and the Mango team there as they go through another loss.

UPDATE: We’ve been very blessed this month despite the business to be able to see Noah involved with Tee-ball and swimming lessons!   And feel like we’ve been able to build the start of some good habits (both spiritually and physically).

Future Plans:

  • We leave Aug 23rd for France and then to Togo in May.
  • UPDATE: The last few weeks that we have had have been very challenging (the miscarriage and some other things) please pray that the last 2 weeks that we have left before we go will be ones with peace about what we are doing, blessings in what we do and a joy in the time left we have with family.
  • 2 conferences at ABWE in Harrisburg, PA
    • “Crucial Conversations” -completed in May
    • “Essential Missions Components” seminar July 25-29
    • UPDATE: We recently completed the EMC course and felt very blessed by the learning and the support people that we met (Thank you Wolfe’s and Joan!)


Future Plans -that God would give us the guidance and direction that we need to know what he would have us doing and where at the end of our term with Samaritan’s Purse.

  •  UPDATE: Since being back, we are still pursuing both options of job and returning to Togo, but we are both strongly feeling a draw to return to Togo to continue and finish the training of the nurses and PA’s and other ministries that we had there.  Please pray that if this is from God that He would continue to open this door for us to be able to return.
    •  UPDATE: We would appreciate your continued prayers for us in this as we plan to have a decision by the beginning of January and some days we very much feel “tossed back and forth by the waves.”
    • UPDATE: We are so thankful for the decision to return to Togo and ask that you would pray for us now as we make plans and do the preparations that we need to as we get ready to head back