Shoes that Grow

Shoes that Grow (

See the source imageStatus:  In progress.  50 pairs of shoes have been bought and will arrive in Togo on Feb 15, 2018.

Reason:  Through our hospital work and the hospital’s mobile clinic, we have become aware of the need for shoes for the rural population.  Kids are not aloud to go to school if they do not have shoes.  Persons working in the fields without shoes are a risk of injury, which we have seen a few.

Goal:  To buy 50 pairs of the “shoes that grow” and to distribute them in Togo to person in need.  The “Shoes that Grow” will be followed up to see if the are practical for the Togo environment.  If so, future order will be made.

Program:  The 50 pairs of “Shoes that Grow” will be distributed through the Hospitals mobile clinic to persons in need during a village visit.

Financial CostEach pair of shoes cost $15.00.  50 pairs of shoes where bought for $750.00.  There was a $50.00 shipping cost in the US.  Total cost of $800.00.  (Funds raised and spent).