Skilled Birth Attendant


Proposal made.  Waiting decision.


HBB suffers from a shortage of qualified OB providers.  The idea behind the program is to support HBB’s OB department through the provision of qualified in-house trained staff.


To allow HBB’s OB department to not only function in tandem with visiting qualified OB providers, but also be able to maintain the department in the absence of visiting qualified OB providers through qualified in-house trained staff. To provide a “formal forum” in which visiting medical personal capable in OB can pass on knowledge to national staff responsible for OB.


The proposed program is a modification of a SBA training program that exists in Haiti. The program was created and is managed by “Midwives for Haiti”.

 A little bit about the Midwife for Haiti organization:

“We offer a rigorous 12-month training program for Haitian nurses to become Skilled Birth Attendants. Four Haitian teachers are supported by visiting volunteer international midwives and other medical professionals who supplement the students’ learning and skills. Students complete classroom and clinical hours. Upon completion of the program, graduates receive a certificate of advanced training from the Ministry of Health and go on to work in hospitals, birth-centers, and in rural settings throughout Haiti. Since 2006, we’ve trained 95 Skilled Birth Attendants. As there are currently less than 100 obstetricians and 100 nurse-midwives in Haiti, our graduates make up nearly 1/3 of the total skilled providers working in Haiti. In 2014, our graduates performed over 64,000 prenatal exams and provided skilled care at over 10,000 births throughout Haiti.”

Financial Costs

— Estimated costs to start up and run the program for the first class:  $ 11,180 USD.  Every additional program after the first would cost $ 5,180 USD to run.

— currently accepting promises of support.