Medical Links

The purpose of this page is to list on-line medical resources that are accessible free of charge.

Calculating Risk

1.  fracture risk -> click here

2.  Heart disease (see risk score profile page) -> click here

3.  Online Calculator (for a multitude of medical formula such as fluid deficit, etc.) -> click here, click here

Family Practice

1.  Family Practice Notebook –> click here

2.  General Practice Notebook (free if you are in a developing country, contact them through facebook) -> click here

Guidelines / Books

1.  NGC is a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines –> click here

2.  World Health Organization guidelines -> click here

3.  Global HELP –> click here

Infectious Disease

1.  Centers for Disease control and prevention -> click here

2.  Medical Microbiology (excellent book for bacteria) -> click here


1.  Electronic Fetal Monitoring Tutorials –> click here

2.  Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists –> click here 

3.  Global Library of Womens Medicine –> click here

4.  Drugs and pregnancy -> click here, click here

5.  Atlas of Pelvic Surgery -> click here


1.  Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (check out free medical journal under “databases, links” tab) -> click here

2.  Medicine sans frontiers -> click here

3.  Free book center (I am not sure how good this site is) -> click here

4. Free book center (good site, basic books) -> click here

5.  Free book center (good site, basic books) -> click here

6.  Up-to-date.  Medical website.  If you are working overseas and or in an underserved area you can apply for a free grant to use Up To Date -> click here


1.  Wheeless Textbook of Orthopaedics -> click here


1.  Learning Radiology -> click here

2.  Radiology Cases in Pediatric Emergency -> click here


1.  Primary Surgery Books (Volume 1 and 2) –> click here